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A MYO plan recommendation will be given after the comprehensive exam. All plans are customizable for your specific needs. If you have not reached your outcome goal and choose not to upgrade your treatment plan, you may add on sessions to reach individualized goals (typically client-specific requests). Any additional therapy sessions requested beyond what is covered in each of these programs (not already covered by a specific plan) are charged out individually. The price for individualized sessions is to be determined based on specific requests. 



This program covers resting tongue posture, nasal breathing, the muscle tone of the tongue and face. The Myo Basic program is for clients who do not have advanced treatment needs and can successfully complete Myofunctional Therapy with the Myo Basic program. There is no focus on sleep apnea or snoring. This program includes 8-12 sessions and can last anywhere from 3-4 months.




This program covers resting tongue posture, nasal breathing, muscles strengthening, chewing, drinking, posture, swallowing, and some sleep-disordered breathing concerns. This program includes 12-16 sessions and can last anywhere from 5-6 months.




This 3-phase program is designed for clients who have multiple myofunctional impairments, advanced orthodontic concerns, airway issues, sleep disorders and TMJ concerns.

Phase I covers muscles, nasal breathing, swallowing, chewing, drinking, and resting tongue posture.

Phase II covers sleep, posture, breathing and individual problem areas.

Phase III covers any remaining problem areas and further habit retention.

This program includes 16-20 sessions and lasts about one year


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